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美国探测标准(ANSI detector standards)翻译目录查询

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ANSI N42.12-1994 铊的校准和使用.放射性核素分析用活性碘化钠探测系统 Calibration and Usage of Thallium - Activated Sodium Iodide Detector Systems for Assay of Radionuclides
ANSI N42.28-2002 现场γ射线测量用锗探测器的校准 Calibration of Germanium Detectors for In-Situ Gamma-Ray Measurements
ANSI N42.31-2003 离子辐射的宽能带隙半导体探测器的分辨和功效的测量规程 Measurement Procedures for Resolution and Efficiency of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Detectors of Ionizing Radiation
ANSI/ASTM D6920-2003 用氧化燃烧和电化学探测法测量石脑油、馏出液、重整汽油、柴油、生物柴油和发动机燃料中硫总含量的试验方法 Test Method for Total Sulfur in Naphthas, Distillates, Reformulated Gasolines, Diesels, Biodiesels, and Motor Fuels by Oxidative Combustion and Electrochemical Detection
ANSI/EIA-364-87-1996 电连接器、触点和插座的纳秒事件探测 Nanosecond Event Detection for Electrical Connectors, Contacts and Sockets
ANSI/FMRC FM3260-2004 自动火灾报警信号设备用辐射能量感应火灾探测器 Radiant Energy-Sensing Fire Detectors for Automatic Fire Alarm Signaling
ANSI/IEEE 1160-1993 辐射探测器用高纯度锗晶体的测试程序 Test Procedure for High-Purity Germanium Crystals for Radiation Detectors
ANSI/IEEE 301-1988 电离辐射半导体探测器用放大器和前置放大器的试验程序 Amplifiers and Preamplifiers for Semiconductor Detectors for lonizing Radiation, Test Procedures for
ANSI/IEEE 325-1996 锗γ射线探测器试验程序 Germanium Gamma-Ray Detectors, Test Procedures for
ANSI/ISA S92.02.01 Part 1-1998 一氧化氯探测仪的性能要求(50-1000ppm全尺寸) Performance Requirements for Chlorine Monoxide Detection Instruments (50-1000 ppm Full Scale)
ANSI/ISA S92.04.01 Part I-1996 探测缺氧或富含氧空气用仪器的性能要求 Performance Requirements for Instruments Used to Detect Oxygen-Deficient/Enriched Atmospheres
ANSI/SCTE 48-2-2003 用H-P磁性相临场探测法测量有源和无源同轴电缆设备相关屏蔽性能的试验规程 Test Procedure for Measuring Relative Shielding Properties of Active and Passive Coaxial Cable Devices Using H-P Magnetic Close Field Probe
ANSI/TIA-855-2001 电信.电话终端设备不流畅拨号音探测装置.性能要求 Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment Stutter Dial Tone Detection Device - Performance Requirements
ANSI/TIA/EIA 136-250-2001 TDMA第三代无线电系统.ACELP声音活动探测的最低性能标准 TDMA Third Generation Wireless - Minimum Performance Standards for ACELP Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
ANSI/UL 2034-2005 单一和多测点一氧化碳探测器的安全标准 Standard for Safety for Single and Multiple Station Carbon Monoxide Detectors
ANSI/UL 2075-2004 气体和蒸气探测器和传感器 Gas and Vapor Detectors and Sensors
ANSI/UL 521-2004 消防信令系统的感热探测器 Heat Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems
ANSI/UL 539-2005 单测点和多测点热敏探测器 Single and Multiple Station Heat Detectors
ANSI/UL 639-1997 侵入探测装置安全标准 Standard for Safety for Intrusion-Detection Units
ASTM A 1015-2001 卫生洁具用管形制品的目视内孔探测检验的标准指南 Standard Guide for Videoborescoping of Tubular Products for Sanitary Applications
ASTM A 143/A 143M-2003 热浸镀锌结构钢制品防脆化的标准实施规程和脆化探测方法 Standard Practice for Safeguarding Against Embrittlement of Hot-Dip Galvanized Structural Steel Products and Procedure for Detecting Embrittlement
ASTM A 262a-2002 探测奥氏体不锈钢晶间腐蚀敏感度的标准实施规范 Standard Practices for Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack in Austenitic Stainless Steels
ASTM B 577-1993 探测铜的氢脆敏感度的标准试验方法 Standard Test Methods for Detection of Cuprous Oxide (Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility) in Copper
ASTM B 667-1997 测量电触点电阻用探测器的结构及使用标准操作规程 Standard Practice for Construction and Use of a Probe for Measuring Electrical Contact Resistance
ASTM C 1238-1997 地下通道金属探测器的安装的标准指南 Standard Guide for Installation of Walk-Through Metal Detectors
ASTM C 1269-1997 内置穿过式金属探测器操作灵敏度设置调整的标准规程 Standard Practice for Adjusting the Operational Sensitivity Setting of In-Plant Walk-Through Metal Detectors
ASTM C 1270-1997 内置穿过式金属探测器探测灵敏度标志的标准实用规程 Standard Practice for Detection Sensitivity Mapping of In-Plant Walk-Through Metal Detectors
ASTM C 1408-1998 用直接燃烧红外探测法测定氧化铀粉末和颗粒中总碳量的标准试验方法 Standard Test Method for Carbon (Total) in Uranium Oxide Powders and Pellets By Direct Combustion-Infrared Detection Method
ASTM D 3985-2005 用库仑探测器测量氧气通过塑料薄膜和薄板的传送率的标准试验方法 Standard Test Method for Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate Through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using a Coulometric Sensor
ASTM D 4428/D 4428M-2000 孔间地震探测的标准试验方法 Standard Test Methods for Crosshole Seismic Testing
ASTM D 5980-1996 用于环境位点特性和探测的现有井的选择和文件编制的标准指南 Standard Guide for Selection and Documentation of Existing Wells for Use in Environmental Site Characterization and Monitoring
ASTM D 6312-1998 地下水探测监测程序用开发适当的统计近似值的标准指南 Standard Guide for Developing Appropriate Statistical Approaches for Ground-Water Detection Monitoring Programs
ASTM D 6430-1999 重力法探测地下的标准指南 Standard Guide for Using the Gravity Method for Subsurface Investigation
ASTM D 6431-1999 直流电阻率法探测地下的标准指南 Standard Guide for Using the Direct Current Resistivity Method for Subsurface Investigation
ASTM D 6432-1999 地表地面穿透雷达法探测地下的标准指南 Standard Guide for Using the Surface Ground Penetrating Radar Method for Subsurface Investigation
ASTM D 6591-2000 用带折射指数探测的高效液相色谱法测定中间馏分中芳香烃的标准试验方法 Standard Test Method for Determination of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Types in Middle Distillates-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method with Refractive Index Detection
ASTM D 6747-2004 电子探测地膜中潜在漏气路径的技术选择的标准指南 Standard Guide for Selection of Techniques for Electrical Detection of Potential Leak Paths in Geomembrane
ASTM D 6771-2002 地下水质探测用井和装置的低流量净化和取样的标准实施规程 Standard Practice for Low-Flow Purging and Sampling for Wells and Devices Used for Ground-Water Quality Investigations
ASTM D 6888-2004 用气体扩散分离和电流计探测法对有效氰化物进行配位位移和流量注入分析的标准试验方法 Standard Test Method for Available Cyanide with Ligand Displacement and Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) Utilizing Gas Diffusion Separation and Amperometric Detection
ASTM D 6920-2003 用氧化燃烧及电化学探测法测定石脑油、馏出液、重整汽油、柴油、生物柴油及发动机燃料中总硫量的标准试验方 Standard Test Method for Total Sulfur in Naphthas, Distillates, Reformulated Gasolines, Diesels, Biodiesels, and Motor Fuels by Oxidative Combustion and Electrochemical Detection
ASTM D 6982-2003 使用点网(格栅)搜寻模式探测热点和地下物体的标准实施规范 Standard Practice for Detecting Hot Spots and Buried Objects Using Point-Net (Grid) Search Patterns
ASTM D 7046-2004 地下勘察用金属探测法的使用的标准指南 Standard Guide for Use of the Metal Detection Method for Subsurface Investigation
ASTM D 7157-2005 测定含沥青残留物、重燃料油和原油固有稳定性的标准试验方法(正庚烷相位分离.光学探测法) Standard Test Method for Determination of Intrinsic Stability of Asphaltene-Containing Residues, Heavy Fuel Oils, and Crude Oils (n-Heptane Phase Separation; Optical Detection)
ASTM E 1001-2004 利用纵波的浸入式脉冲回波超声法探测与评价不连续性的标准实施规范 Standard Practice for Detection and Evaluation of Discontinuities by the Immersed Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Method Using Longitudinal Waves
ASTM E 1065-1999 评估超声波探测装置特性的标准指南 Standard Guide for Evaluating Characteristics of Ultrasonic Search Units
ASTM E 1140-1995 气相色谱法用氮/磷热离子电离探测器测试的标准实施规程 Standard Practice for Testing Nitrogen/Phosphorus Thermionic Ionization Detectors for Use In Gas Chromatography
ASTM E 1211-2002 使用表面安装的声辐射探测器作泄漏探测和定位的标准实施规程 Standard Practice for Leak Detection and Location Using Surface-Mounted Acoustic Emission Sensors
ASTM E 1247-2003 用分光光度法探测物体彩色样品的荧光粉的标准实施规程 Standard Practice for Detecting Fluorescence in Object-Color Specimens by Spectrophotometry
ASTM E 1657-1998 液相色谱用可变波长光度探测器试验的标准规程 Standard Practice for Testing Variable-Wavelength Photometric Detectors Used in Liquid Chromatography
ASTM E 1698-1995 气相色谱测定中使用的电解电导率探测器(ELCD)的标准规范 Standard Practice for Testing Electrolytic Conductivity Detectors (ELCD) Used in Gas Chromatography
ASTM E 181-1998 放射性核素探测器的校准和分析的标准试验方法 Standard Test Methods for Detector Calibration and Analysis of Radionuclides
ASTM E 1813-1996 扫描探测显微镜探头测量和报告的标准实施规程 Standard Practice for Measuring and Reporting Probe Tip Shape in Scanning Probe Microscopy
ASTM E 1901-1997 用触点脉冲回声直束法探测和评价不连续性的标准指南 Standard Guide for Detection and Evaluation of Discontinuities by Contact Pulse-Echo Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Methods
ASTM E 1954-2005 进行欺骗的精神生理探测(测谎器)的研究标准规程 Standard Practice for Conduct of Research in Psychophysiological Detection of Deception (Polygraph)
ASTM E 2024-2005 用导热泄漏探测器测定大气泄漏的标准试验方法 Standard Test Methods for Atmospheric Leaks Using a Thermal Conductivity Leak Detector
ASTM E 2048-1999 用聚合酶链式反应方法探测结核分支杆菌复合物和其它病原分支杆菌的核酸的标准指南 Standard Guide for Detection of Nucleic Acids of the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex and Other Pathogenic Mycobacteria by the Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique
ASTM E 2146-2001 用聚合酶链反应技术探测人体免疫缺乏病毒HIV-1的核酸类的标准指南 Standard Guide for Detection of Nucleic Acid Sequences of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV-1 by the Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique
ASTM E 499-1995 探测器探针方式用质谱仪检漏器检漏的试验方法 Standard Test Methods for Leaks Using the Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector in the Detector Probe Mode
ASTM E 516a-1995 气相色谱法中使用的导热探测器测试的标准实施规范 Standard Practice for Testing Thermal Conductivity Detectors Used in Gas Chromatography
ASTM E 594-1996 气相色谱法或超临界液相色谱法中使用的检验火焰电离探测器的标准操作规程 Standard Practice for Testing Flame Ionization Detectors Used in Gas or Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
ASTM E 685-1993 液相色谱法用固定波长光度探测装置试验的标准实施规程 Standard Practice for Testing Fixed-Wavelength Photometric Detectors Used in Liquid Chromatography
ASTM E 720-2004 电子辐射强度试验中中子波谱测定用中子探测器的选择和使用标准指南 Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Neutron Sensors for Determining Neutron Spectra Employed in Radiation-Hardness Testing of Electronics
ASTM E 879-2001 临床实验室温度测量用热敏电阻探测器标准规范 Standard Specification for Thermistor Sensors for Clinical Laboratory Temperature Measurements
ASTM F 1711-1996 使用四点探测法测定专业平板显示器用薄膜导线的薄膜电阻的标准规程 Standard Practice for Measuring Sheet Resistance of Thin Film Conductors for Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Using a Four-Point Probe
ASTM F 1719-1996 影像干扰的定向探测系统的标准规范 Standard Specification for Image-Interactive Stereotactic and Localization Systems
ASTM F 1796-1997 高压探测器标准规范.第1部分:超过600伏交流电压用电容式探测器 Standard Specification for High Voltage Detectors - Part 1 Capacitive Type to be Used for Voltages Exceeding 600 Volts AC
ASTM F 1993-1999 人类探测资源和救生资源的标准分类 Standard Classification of Human Search and Rescue Resources
ASTM F 2069-2000 评价爆破蒸汽探测器的标准操作规程 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Explosives Vapor Detectors
ASTM F 2401-2004 带医疗设备的人员安全检测点金属探测器屏蔽的标准规程 Standard Practice for Security Checkpoint Metal Detector Screening of Persons with Medical Devices
ASTM F 2476-2005 用红外线探测器透过隔绝材料测定二氧化碳气体传输率(Co 2TR)的试验方法 Test Method for the Determination of Carbon Dioxide Gas Transmission Rate (Co 2TR) Through Barrier Materials Using An Infrared Detecto
ASTM F 372-1999 用红外线探测技术检查挠性隔栅材料水蒸气传递率的试验方法 Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Flexible Barrier Materials Using an Infrared Detection Technique
ASTM F 792-1988 控制接近区禁止项目探测用的电离辐射设备的设计和使用 Design and Use of Ionizing Radiation Equipment for the Detection of Items Prohibited in Controlled Access Areas
ASTM F 91-1970 用冷凝核探测器对层流无菌室及无菌工作站配备的过滤器进行检漏试验 Testing for Leaks in the Filters Associated with Laminar Flow Clean Rooms and Clean Work Stations by Use of a Condensation Nuclei Detector
ASTM G 28-2002 煅制富镍铬轴承合金晶间腐蚀敏感性的探测用标准试验方法 Standard Test Methods of Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Corrosion in Wrought, Nickel-Rich, Chromium-Bearing Alloys
IEEE 1160-1993 辐射探测器用高纯锗晶体试验程序 (Test procedures for high-purity germanium crystals for radiation detectors)
IEEE 300-1988 半导体带电粒子探测器试验规程 (Test procedures for semiconductor charged-particle detectors)
IEEE 301-1988 电离辐射探测器用放大器和前置放大器的试验规程 (Test procedures for amplifiers and preamplifiers used with detectors of ionizing radiation)
IEEE 325-1996 锗γ射线探测器的试验规程 (Test procedures for germanium gamma-ray detectors)
IEEE C 57.127-2000 油浸电力变压器局部放电所发出声音探测的试用指南 (Trial-use guide for the detection of acoustic emissions from partial discharges in oil-immersed power transformers)
UL 1484-2000 住宅煤气探测器 (Residential gas detectors )
UL 1730-1998 多家庭住宅及饭店/汽车旅馆客房的单间烟雾探测监视器和附属设备 (Smoke detector monitors and accessories for individual living units of multifamiliy residences and hotel/motel rooms )
UL 268-1996 消防信号装置和烟雾探测器 (Smoke detectors for fire protective signaling systems )
UL 268A-1998 管道烟雾探测器 (Smoke detectors for duct application )
UL 515-2001 商业和工业设施用电阻加热故障探测 (Electrical resistance heat tracing for commercial and industrial applications )
UL 521-1999 消防信号系统用热探测器 (Heat detectors for fire protective signaling systems )
UL 639-1997 防非法闯入者探测装置 (Intrusion-detection units )