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To prevent the contamination of construction materials entering and exiting the construction field to the neighboring environment. The wheels of vehicles exited from the field should be cleaned in time to prevent the road from contaminated; the transported earthwork and powder particle should be covered to avoid the dust from flying and contaminating the environment.



For ensuring the smooth running of construction and living up to the safe and civilized construction in the field construction, a full time safety officer is specially designated to be responsible for the organization and management of safe and civilized construction of the project.



To strictly follow the requirements in the HSE scheme in the construction, and must carry out strict control for the noise, dust, transportation dropped, and light contamination, etc. to ensure the fine construction environment state.



To co-establish a comprehensive control team for noise contamination with the Owner, supervisor, and the management of Party A, hear the comments of all parties, and do well the propaganda and eusurance works; To strictly control the works according to the noise control standard for nighttime and daytime construction; To adopt the construction machinery with low noise for the field construction to alleviate the noise.



Protection Scheme for the Underground Pipelines



For the pipeline, or cable, optical fiber cable that can be normally used, if useful pipeline, or cable, optical fiber cable are encountered in the construction, should report it to the high management and stop construction at once, and meet with the Party A, supervisor, and designing unit to jointly negotiate about the processing method. If it is the case that the general pipeline is buried shallower and easy for shifting, then may consider shifting it by open cut; if the pipeline under using but with unclear purpose is encountered, then must not move it at random. If the above circumstances are encountered, they must be negotiated jointly by the four parties and a practical and feasible processing method must be token out, and must not treat it without authorization to avoid unexpected accidents and large loss caused to the national property.



Protection measures for the underground pipeline


Suspension method



For some pipelines which are exposed inside the foundation ditch, or are dug out by isolation method due to the earth body may produce a larger displacement, supports are not suitable to be set in their middle, then the suspension method may be used to fix them. Pay attention to that the elongation and fixed point position of sling should not affected by the earth body deformation. In the suspension method, the force and displacement of pipeline are clear, and the displacement and force point of pipeline are adjusted continuously via the sling.


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