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 IEEE 1137-1991  感应协调调节技术和应用的实施指南  Guide for the implementation of inductive coordination mitigation; techniques and application
 IEEE 1138-1994  用于电气设备电线的架空复合光钎线缆的建造  Construction of composite fiber optic overhead ground wire (OPGW) for use on electric utility power lines
 IEEE 1139-1999  基本频率和时间计量学用物理量定义.随机不稳定性  Definitions of physical quantities for fundamental frequency and time metrology - Random instabilities
 IEEE 114-2001  单相感应电动机的试验规程  Test procedure for single-phase induction motors
 IEEE 1140-1994  5Hz到400kHz显示器终端的电磁区域的测量程序  Procedures for the measurement of electric and magnetic fields from Video Display Terminals (VDTs) from 5 Hz to 400 kHz
 IEEE 1143-1994  低压电缆屏蔽指南  Guide on shielding practice for low voltage cables
 IEEE 1144-1996  光电系统用校准镍-镉蓄电池组的推荐规程  Recommended practice for sizing nickel-cadmium batteries for photovolatic (PV) systems
 IEEE 1147-1991  水力发电设备改造指南  Guide for the rehabilitation of hydroelectric power plants
 IEEE 1149.1-2001  测试存取口及边界扫描结构  Test access port and boundary-scan architecture
 IEEE 1149.4-1999  混合信号试验总线  Mixed signal test bus
 IEEE 1149.5-1995  模件试验和维护总线(MTM-Bus)协议  Module test and maintenance bus (MTM-Bus) protocol
 IEEE 1149.6-2003  高级数字网络的边界扫描测试  (Boundary-scan Testing of advanced digital networks)
 IEEE 115-1995  同步电机的试验程序.第1部分:验收和性能试验.第2部分:动态分析的试验程序控制和参数测定  Test procedures for synchronous machines - Part 1: Acceptance and performance testing - Part 2: Test procedures and parameter determination for dynamic analysis
 IEEE 1155-1992  仪表使用VME总线扩充:VXI总线  VMEbus extensions for instrumentation: VXIbus
 IEEE 1156.1-1993  微处理机.计算机模块的环境规范  Microprocessor; environmental specifications for computer modules
 IEEE 1156.2-1996  计算机系统用环境规范  Environmental specifications for computer systems
 IEEE 1156.4-1997  航天计算机模块用环境规范  Environmental specifications for spaceborne computer modules
 IEEE 1158-1991  高压直流变电站功率损失测定用推荐规范  Recommended practice for determination of power losses in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter stations
 IEEE 1159-1995  监测电力特性用推荐规程  Recommended practice for monitoring electric power quality
 IEEE 1160-1993  辐射探测器用高纯锗晶体试验程序  Test procedures for high-purity germanium crystals for radiation detectors
 IEEE 117-1974  不规则缠绕交流电机绝缘材料系统的评定试验程序  Test procedure for evaluation of systems of insulation materials for random-wound ac electric machinery
 IEEE 1174-2000  程序可控仪器的串行接口  Serial interface for programmable instrumentation
 IEEE 1175.1-2002  CASE工具互连.分类和描述  CASE tool interconnections - Classification and description
 IEEE 1178-1990  程序设计语言方案  Scheme programming language
 IEEE 118-1978  电阻测量试验规程  Test code for resistance measurement
 IEEE 1184-1994  不间断电源系统电池尺寸的规定和选择  Selection and sizing of batteries for uninterruptible power systems
 IEEE 1185-1994  发电站电缆敷设方法指南  Guide for installation methods for generating station cables
 IEEE 1187-2002  固定设备用的阀调节铅酸蓄电池的安装设计和安装的推荐性实施规程  Recommended practice for installation design and installation of valve-regulated lead-acid storage batteries for stationary applications
 IEEE 1188-1996  发电站用阀调节铅酸(VRLA)蓄电池组的保养、试验和更新的推荐规程  Recommended practice for maintenance, testing, and replacement of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for stationary applications
 IEEE 1189-1996  固定设备用调节阀铅酸(VRLA)蓄电池的选择指南  Guide for selection of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for stationary applications
 IEEE 1193-1994  发电机频率对环境影响的测量标准  Measurement of environmental sensitivities of standard frequency generators
 IEEE 120-1989  电源电路电气测量的基本试验导则  Master test guide for electrical measurement in power circuits
 IEEE 1202-1991  工业区和商业区电缆沟中电缆的火焰试验  Flame testing of cables for use in cable tray in industrial and commercial occupancies
 IEEE 1204-1997  端接在低短路能力交流场所的直流线路的设计指南  Guide for planning DC links terminating at AC locations having low short-circuit capacities
 IEEE 1205-2000  核电站用1E级设备老化影响的评价、监视和减轻  Assessing, monitoring, and mitigating aging effects on class 1E equipment used in nuclear power generating stations
 IEEE 1206-1994  电话手持送受话器和头戴送受话器的传送性能的测量方法  Methods for measuring transmission performance of telephone handsets and headsets
 IEEE 1209-1992  评定和选择CASE工具的推荐规范  Recommended practice for the evaluation and selection of CASE tools
 IEEE 1210-1996  用金属线和电缆测定电缆拉伸润滑剂的适应性  Determining compatibility of cable pulling lubricants with wire and cable
 IEEE 1212-2001  信息技术.微处理机系统.微机总线用控制与状态寄存器(CSR)结构  Information technology - Microprocessor systems - Control and Status Registers (CSR) Architecture for microcomputer buses
 IEEE 1212.1-1993  处理器和外围设备中共享存储器的传送(直接存储器存取DMA)  Communicating among processors and peripherals using shared memory (direct memory access DMA)
 IEEE 1214-1992  核能谱学的标准多通道分析器频率分布图数据交换格式  Standard multichannel analyzer (MCA) histogram data interchange format for nuclear spectroscopy
 IEEE 1216-2000  200A单相地下住宅分布用故障电流指示器的应用指南  Guide for the application of faulted circuit indicators for 200 A, single-phase underground residential distribution (URD)
 IEEE 1219-1998  软件维护  Software maintenance
 IEEE 122-1991  汽轮机发电机组控制系统功能与性能特征的推荐规程  Recommended practice for functional and performance characteristics of control systems for steam turbine-generator units
 IEEE 1220-1998  系统工程处理的应用和管理  Application and management of the systems engineering process
 IEEE 1226-1998  测试的宽底环境试行标准.总论和建筑学  Trial-use standard for A Broad-Based Environment for Test (ABBET) - Overview and architecture
 IEEE 1226.3-1998  试验用以全环境为基础的资源管理用软件接口  Software Interface for resource management for a broad-based environment for test (ABBET)
 IEEE 1226.6-1996  赫克TM测试用宽底环境标准的协议导则  Guide for the understanding of the A broad-based environment for test (ABBET) standard
 IEEE 1227-1990  直流电场强度和离子相关量测量指南  Guide for the measurement of dc electric-field strength and ion related quantities
 IEEE 1228-1994  计算机软件安全方案  Software safety plans
 IEEE 1232-2002  所有试验环境中的人工智能交换和服务  Artificial intelligence exchange and service tie to all test environments (AI-ESTATE)
 IEEE 1233-1996  系统要求规范编制导则  Guide for developing system requirements specifications
 IEEE 1235-2000  地下电力电缆和管道用可识别护套的性能指南  Guide for the properties of identifiable jackets for underground power cables and ducts
 IEEE 1241-2001  模拟-数字转换器的术语和试验方法  Terminology and test methods for analog-to-digital converters
 IEEE 1242-1999  石油和化学工厂的动力,控制,特殊用途电缆的特殊处理和选择指南  Guide for specifying and selecting power, control, and special-purpose cable for petroleum and chemical plants
 IEEE 1243-1997  提高传输线路避雷性能的指南  Guide for improving the lightning performance of transmission lines
 IEEE 1244.1-2000  介质管理系统结构的标准  Standard for media management system (MMS) architecture
 IEEE 1244.2-2000  介质管理系统.会话安全、校验和初始化协议  Media Management Systems (MMS) - Session Security, Authentication, Initialization Protocol (SSAIP)
 IEEE 1244.3-2000  媒体管理系统(MMS).媒体管理协议(MMP)  Media Management System (MMS) - Media Management Protocol (MMP)
 IEEE 1244.4-2000  媒介管理系统(MMS)的标准.驱动管理协议(DMP)  Standard for Media Management System (MMS) - Drive Management Protocol (DMP)
 IEEE 1244.5-2000  媒体管理系统(MMS).图书馆管理协议(LMP)  Media Management System (MMS) - Library Management Protocol (LMP)
 IEEE 1246-1997  变电所临时接地保护系统用指南  Guide for temporary protective grounding systems used in substations
 IEEE 1246-2002  变电所临时接地保护系统用指南  (Guide for temporary protective grounding systems used in substations)
 IEEE 1247-1998  额定电压在1000V以上选择电流的断路器开关  Interrupter switches for alternating current, rated above 1000 volts
 IEEE 1248-1998  水力发电站的电力系统使用指南  Guide for the commissioning of electrical systems in hydroelectric power plants
 IEEE 1249-1996  水力电力发电厂自动化用计算机控制指南  Guide for computer-based control for hydroelectric power plant automation
 IEEE 1255-2000  同步电动机起动过程中扭矩脉动的评定  Evaluation of torque pulsations during starting of synchronous motors
 IEEE 1260-1996  用电力线对 AM 广播再放射进行预测、测量和分析  Guide on the prediction, measurement, and analysis of AM broadcast reradiation by power lines
 IEEE 1262-1995  光致电压(PV)系数验证合格的推荐实例  Recommended practice for qualification of photovoltaic (PV) modules
 IEEE 1264-1993  变电站防范动物指南  Guide for animal deterrents for electric power supply substations
 IEEE 1267-1999  包揽承建变电所项目用规范的指定指南  Guide for the development of specifications for turnkey substation projects
 IEEE 1268-1997  移动变电所设备安全安装指南  Guide for the safe installation of mobile substation equipment
 IEEE 1276-1997  油冷电力变压器中高温绝缘材料使用的试用指南  Trial-use guide for the application of high-temperature insulation materials in liquid-immersed power transformers
 IEEE 1277-2000  DC动力传输的干型和油浸滑式电容器的试验标准的一般要求和试验规程  Trial-use standard general requirements and test code for dry-type and oil-immersed smoothing reactors for DC power transmission
 IEEE 1278.1-1995  分布交互模拟作用.应用协议  Distributed interactive simulation - Application protocols
 IEEE 1278.1a-1998  分布交互模拟.应用协议  Distributed interactive simulation - Application protocols
 IEEE 1278.2-1995  分布式交互模拟-通信服务和文件  Distributed interactive simulation - Communication services and profiles
 IEEE 1278.3-1996  已配置的相互作用模型试验的推荐规程.实施管理和反馈  Recommended practice for distributed interactive simulation - Exercise management and feedback
 IEEE 1278.4-1997  分布式交互模拟推荐规范.评定,认证和认可  Recommended practice for distributed interactive simulation - Verification, validation, and accreditation
 IEEE 1284-2000  用于个人计算机的双向平行外围接口的信号发送方法  Signaling method for a bidirectional parallel peripheral interface for personal computers
 IEEE 1284.3-2000  符合IEEE 1284的外围设备和主机适配器的接口和协议扩展  Interface and protocol extensions to IEEE 1284-compliant peripherals and host adapters
 IEEE 1284.4-2000  IEEE 1284接口用数据传输和逻辑信道  Data delivery and logical channels for IEEE 1284 interfaces
 IEEE 1289-1998  核电站计算机监测和控制展示设计的与人有关的工程应用指南  Guide for the application of human factors engineering in the design of computer-based monitoring and control displays for nuclear power generating stations
 IEEE 1290-1996  核电站中电动阀门(MOV)的电机使用,保护,控制和试验的指南  Guide for motor operated valve (MOV) motor application, protection, control, and testing in nuclear power generating stations
 IEEE 1291-1993  在电源开关中测量局部放电的指南  Guide for partial discharge measurement in power switchgear
 IEEE 1293-1998  线性,单轴,非磁化加速仪试验规程和格式指南  Format guide and test procedure for linear, single-axis, nongyroscopic accelerometers
 IEEE 1296-1994  信息技术,微处理机系统.高性能同步32位总线.多总线II  Information technology - Microprocessor systems - High-performance synchronous 32-bit bus: MULTIBUS II
 IEEE 1298-1992  软件质量管理系统.第一部分:要求  Software quality management system; part 1: requirements
 IEEE 1300-1996  气体绝缘变电所电缆连接指南  Guide for cable connections for gas-insulated substations
 IEEE 1301-1991  微机度量设备规程.协调文件  Metric equipment practice for microcomputers; coordination document
 IEEE 1301.1-1991  微机度量设备规程.带2mm插头连接器的常规冷却  Metric equipment practice for microcomputers; convention-cooled with 2 mm connectors
 IEEE 1301.2-1993  测量设备实用规程用推荐实施规程(IEEE 1301-91)  Recommended practices for the implementation of a metric equipment practice (IEEE 1301-1991)
 IEEE 1301.3-1992  微机度量设备规程.带2.5mm插头连接器的常规冷却  Metric equipment practice for microcomputers; convention-cooled with 2.5 mm connectors
 IEEE 1301.4-1996  微机测量设备规程.夹层卡用协调文件  Metric equipment practice for microcomputers - Coordination document for mezzanine cards
 IEEE 1302-1998  直流,18千兆赫中导电垫圈电磁特性用指南  Guide for the electromagnetic characterization of conductive gaskets in the frequency range of DC to 18 Ghz
 IEEE 1303-1994  静态变量补偿器区域试验的指南  Guide for static var compensator field tests
 IEEE 1307-1996  公用用设施工业对坠落物保护导则  Guide for fall protection for the utility industry
 IEEE 1308-1994  磁通量密度和电场强计的规格.10Hz-30kHz.  Specifications for magnetic flux density and electric field strength meters - 10 Hz to 3 kHZ
 IEEE 1309-1996  频率为9KHz~40GHz的电磁传感器和探针,不包括天线  Calibration of electromagnetic field sensors and probes, excluding antennas, from 9 kHz to 40 GHz
 IEEE 1310-1996  大型发电机用模绕定子棒和模绕线圈的热循环试验  Thermal cycle testing of form-wound stator bars and coils for large generators
 IEEE 1312-1993  公称电压超过230kV的交流电气系统和设备用优选电压额定值  Preferred voltage ratings for alternating-current electrical systems and equipment operating at voltages above 230 kV nominal
 IEEE 1313.1-1996  对等绝缘的定义、原理和规则  Insulation coordination - Definitions, principles and rules
 IEEE 1313.2-1999  绝缘配合的应用  Application of insulation coordination
 IEEE 1320.1-1998  函数建模语言.IDEFO句法和语义  Functional modelling language - Syntax and semantics for IDEFO
 IEEE 1320.2-1998  IDEF1X(IDEF)用概念造模语言的句法和语义  Conceptual modelling language syntax and semantics for IDEF1X(IDEF)
 IEEE 1325-1996  电力断路器的野外故障演习报告  Reporting field failur practice for power circuit breakers
 IEEE 1329-1999  无需用手的电话机组传输特性的测量方法  Method for measuring transmission performance of handsfree telephone sets
 IEEE 1332-1998  电子系统和设备开发与生产的可靠性程序  Reliability program for the development and production of electronic systems and equipment
 IEEE 1333-1994  用导向打孔安装电缆的导则  Guide for installation of cable using the guided boring method
 IEEE 1344-1995  电力系统用同步移相器  Synchrophasors for power systems
 IEEE 1346-1998  评估电力系统和电子处理设备兼容性的推荐规程  Recommended practice for evaluating electric power system compatibility with electronic process equipment
 IEEE 1362-1998  信息技术导则.系统定义.操作(ConOps)文献的概念  Guide for information technology - System definition - Concept of Operations (ConOps) document
 IEEE 1363-2000  公开密钥密码规范  Specifications for public-key cryptography
 IEEE 1364-2001  Verilog硬件描述语言  Verilog?hardware description language
 IEEE 1364.1-2002  Verilog寄存器级合成  Verilog?Register Transfer Level Synthesis
 IEEE 1366-1998  电力分配可靠性指数试验用指南  Trial-use guide for electric power distribution reliability indices
 IEEE 1374-1998  陆地光电系统安全性指南  Guide for terrestrial photovoltaic power system safety
 IEEE 1375-1998  固定蓄电池组的保护指南  Guide for the protection of stationary battery systems
 IEEE 1377-1997  通用工业终端设备数据表用标准  Standard for utility industry end device data tables
 IEEE 1378-1997  高压直流(HVDC)变电所和相关传输系统的试运转指南  Guide for commissioning high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) converter stations and associated transmission systems
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