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 ANSI/IEEE 1204-1997  端接在低短路容量交流系统的直流线路设计指南.第1部分:交流/直流互作现象.第2部分:计划指南  Guide for Planning DC Links Terminating at AC Locations Having Low Short-Circuit Capacities, Part I: AC/DC Interaction Phenomena, Part II: Planning Guide
 ANSI/IEEE 1205-1993  评估检测和调节时效对核电站用IE级设备的影响  Assessing, Monitoring, and Mitigating Aging Effects on Class 1E Equipment Used in Nuclear Power Generating Sations
 ANSI/IEEE 1206-1994  手持和头戴电话机传输性能测量的标准方法  Standard Methods for Measuring Transmission Performance of Telephone Handsets and Headsets
 ANSI/IEEE 1207-2004  水力发电装置用涡轮控制系统的应用指南  
 ANSI/IEEE 1209-1993  CASE工具的评定和选择  Evaluation and Selection of CASE Tools
 ANSI/IEEE 1210-1996  电线和电缆用的电缆润滑剂测定兼容性的标准试验  Standard Tests for Determining Compatibility of Cable Lubricants with Wire and Cable
 ANSI/IEEE 1210-2004  使用电线和电缆测定电缆润滑剂可混用性的标准试验  
 ANSI/IEEE 1212 Edition-1994  信息技术.微处理系统.微处理母线的状态寄存器结构和控制  Information Technology - Microprocessor Systems - Control and Status Registers (CSR) Architecture for Microcomputer Buses (same as ISO/IEC 13213-1994)
 ANSI/IEEE 1212.1-1993  使用公用存储器的处理机和外部设备间的通信  Communicating Among Processors and Peripherals Using Shared Memory (DMA - Direct Memory Access)
 ANSI/IEEE 1214-1993  核光谱学的MCA频率分布图数据交换格式  MCA Histogram Data Interchange Format for Nuclear Spectroscopy
 ANSI/IEEE 1215-2002  可分隔绝缘的连接器的应用指南  Guide for the Application of Separable Insulated Connectors
 ANSI/IEEE 1217-2001  木材分配和运输线结构的防护处理指南  Guide for Preservative Treatment of Wood Distribution and Transmission Line Structures
 ANSI/IEEE 1219-1993  软件维护  Software Maintenance
 ANSI/IEEE 122-1992  汽轮发电机组控制系统的功能性能特征的推荐规程  Recommended Practice for Functional Performance Characteristics of Control Systems for Steam Turbine Generator Units
 ANSI/IEEE 1220-2005  系统工程进程的应用和管理标准  
 ANSI/IEEE 1227-1990  直流电场强度和离子相关量测量指南  Guide for the Measurement of DC Electric Field Strength and Ion-Related Quantities
 ANSI/IEEE 1228-1994  软件安全方案标准  Standard for Software Safety Plans
 ANSI/IEEE 1232-2002  所有试验环境中的人工智能交换和服务标准  (Standard for Artificial Intelligence Exchange and Service Tie to All Test Environments (AI-ESTATE) )
 ANSI/IEEE 1233-1996  建立系统要求规范指南  Guide to Developing System Requirements Specifications
 ANSI/IEEE 1235-2000  地下电力电缆和管道用可识别护套的特性指南  Guide for the Properties of Identifiable Jackets for Underground Power Cables and Ducts
 ANSI/IEEE 1241-2000  模拟-数字转换器的术语和试验方法标准  Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Analog-to-Digital Converters
 ANSI/IEEE 1243-1997  提高传输线路照明性能的设计指南  Design Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines
 ANSI/IEEE 1244.3-2000  媒体管理系统(MMS)媒体管理协议(MMP)标准  Standard for Media Management System (MMS) Media Management Protocol (MMP)
 ANSI/IEEE 1244.5-2000  媒体管理系统(MMS)实验室管理协议(LMP)标准  Standard for Media Management System (MMS) Library Management Protocol (LMP)
 ANSI/IEEE 1246-1997  变电所用暂时防护接地装置指南  Guide for Temporary Protective Grounding Systems Used in Substations
 ANSI/IEEE 1246-2002  变电所用瞬间防护接地装置指南  (Guide for Temporary Protective Grounding Systems Used in Substations )
 ANSI/IEEE 1249-1996  液压电力工厂计算机控制指南  Guide for Computer-Based Control for Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation
 ANSI/IEEE 125-1996  用于驱动发电机的加速液体涡轮的设备规范的准备的操作规程  Recommended Practice for Preparation of Equipment Specifications for Speed-Governing of Hydraulic Turbines Intended to Drive Electric Generators
 ANSI/IEEE 1250-2002  对瞬时电压干扰灵敏的设备维护指南  (Guide for Service to Equipment Sensitive to Momentary Voltage Disturbances )
 ANSI/IEEE 1255-2000  同步电动机起动过程中转距脉动的评定指南  Guide for Evaluation of Torque Pulsations During Starting of Synchronous Motors
 ANSI/IEEE 1260-1996  电源线AM广播阻滞预测、测量和分析指南  Guide on the Prediction, Measurement and Analysis of AM Broadcast Reradiation by Power Lines
 ANSI/IEEE 1264-2004  变电站动物防范指南  
 ANSI/IEEE 1268-1997  变电所移动设备的安全安装指南  Guide for the Safe Installation of Mobile Substation Equipment
 ANSI/IEEE 1275-1994  自举(初始化配置)固化软件的标准、芯规范和实施规程  Standard for Boot (initialization configuration) Firmware, Core Specifications and Practices
 ANSI/IEEE 1275.1-1994  自举(初始化配置)固化软件的标准:指令集体系结构(ISA)IEEE1754的补充  Standard for Boot (Initialization Configuration) Firmware: Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Supplement for IEEE 1754
 ANSI/IEEE 1275.2-1994  自举(初始化配置)固化软件的标准:IEEE1496的总线补充  Standard for Boot (Initialization Configuration) Firmware: Bus Supplement for IEEE 1496 (Sbus)
 ANSI/IEEE 1278-1993  信息技术.分布式人机对话模拟应用协议.实体信息和交互作用  Information Technology: Protocols for Distributed Interactive Simulation Applications - Entity Information and Interaction
 ANSI/IEEE 1278.2-1995  分布式人机对话模拟的标准.通信装置和侧面图  Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Communication Services and Profiles
 ANSI/IEEE 1278.3-1996  互作模拟推荐操作规程.练习管理和反馈  Recommended Practice for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Exercise Management and Feedback
 ANSI/IEEE 1278.4-2002  分布式交互模拟推荐规范.鉴定、验证和认证  (Recommended Practice for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Verification, Validation, and Accreditation )
 ANSI/IEEE 1283-2004  高温运行对导体、连接器和附件影响的测定指南  
 ANSI/IEEE 1284-1994  微机用双向平行外接口的信令发送方法  Signaling Method for a Bi-Directional Parallel Periperal Interface for Personal Computers
 ANSI/IEEE 1284.1-1997  信息技术.不依赖打印机的传输/系统接口(TIP/SI)  Information Technology - Transport Independent Printer/System Interface (TIP/SI)
 ANSI/IEEE 1286/C 37.20.6-1997  用于外壳的试验装置的4.76至38KV的额定接地标准  Standard for 4.76 to 38 kV Rated Grounding and Testing Devices Used in Enclosures
 ANSI/IEEE 1289-2004  核电站用基于计算机的监测和控制显示器的设计中的人因工程的应用指南  
 ANSI/IEEE 1290-1996  核发电站电动控制阀门马达应用、防护、控制和试验指南  Guide for MOV (Motor-Operated Valve) Motor Application, Protection, Control, and Testing in Nuclear Power Generating Stations
 ANSI/IEEE 1291-1993  电力开关设备局部放电测量指南  Guide for Partial Discharge Measurements in Power Switchgear
 ANSI/IEEE 1293-2003  线性、单轴、无回旋装置加速度计的标准规范格式指南和试验程序  (Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Linear, Single-Axis, Non-Gyroscopic Accelerometers )
 ANSI/IEEE 1299/C 62.22.1-1996  绝缘铠装电力电缆系统电涌放电器指南  Guide for the Connection of Surge Arresters to Protect Insulated, Shielded Electric Power Cable Systems
 ANSI/IEEE 1300-1996  气体绝缘次级站电缆连接指南  Guide for Cable Connections for Gas Insulated Substations
 ANSI/IEEE 1301-1992  微机测量设备实施规程.协调文件  Metric Equipment Practice for Microcomputers - Coordination Document
 ANSI/IEEE 1301.1-1992  微机测量设备实施规程.带2mm连接器对流式冷却  Metric Equipment Practice for Microcomputers - Convection Cooled with 2-mm Connectors
 ANSI/IEEE 1301.2-1993  测量设备实施规程的实施  Implementation of a Metric Equipment Practice (IEEE 1301)
 ANSI/IEEE 1301.3-1993  微型计算机测量设备实施规程.2.5mm连接器对流冷却  Metric Equipment Practice for Microcomputers - Convection Cooled with 2.5-mm Connector
 ANSI/IEEE 1301.4-1996  微处理机测量设备实施规程.夹层卡协调文件  Metric Equipment Practice for Microcomputers - Coordination Document for Mezzanine Cards
 ANSI/IEEE 1307-2004  用于施工的防坠落设备的标准  
 ANSI/IEEE 1308-1994  磁通量密度检测仪表和电场强度计的推荐实施规范.10Hz--3KHz  Recommended Practice for Instrumentation for Magnetic Flux Density and Electric Field Strength Meters - 10Hz to 3kHz
 ANSI/IEEE 1309-1996  电磁场传感器和磁场探测针校正的标准方法,9KHz-40GHz天线除外  Standard Method for the Calibration of Electromagnetic Field Sensors and Field Probes, Excluding Antennas, from 9 kHz to 40 GHz
 ANSI/IEEE 1310-2004  大型发电机线绕定子棒和线圈的热循环试验推荐规程  
 ANSI/IEEE 1312-1993  电力系统.标称工作电压在230千伏以上的交流电力系统和设备用优选电压额定值  Power Systems - Preferred Voltage Ratings for Alternating-Current Electrical Systems and Equipment Operating at Voltages above 230 kV Nominal
 ANSI/IEEE 1313.1-1996  动力系统.绝缘协调  Power systems - Insulation Coordination
 ANSI/IEEE 1320.1-2004  功能模型化语言.IDEF0的语法和语义学  
 ANSI/IEEE 1320.2-2004  概念模型化语言.IDEF1X97的语法和语义学  
 ANSI/IEEE 1325-1996  动力线路断路器场失效报告的推荐实施规程  Recommended Practice for Reporting of Power Circuit Breaker Field Failures
 ANSI/IEEE 1329-1999  不用手的电话设备传输性能测量的标准方法  Standard Method for Measuring Transmission Performance of Handsfree Telephone Sets
 ANSI/IEEE 1332-2004  电子系统和设备的开发和生产的可靠性程序  
 ANSI/IEEE 1333-1994  用保护钻孔法安装电缆指南  Guide for Installation of Cable Using the Guided Boring Method
 ANSI/IEEE 1344-1995  电源系统的同步仪  Synchrophasors for Power Systems
 ANSI/IEEE 1355-1995  异构型互连(HIC)(并行系统结构低成本、低执行时间、可伸缩的、串行互连)  Heterogeneous InterConnect (HIC), (Low Cost, Low Latency, Scalable, Serial Interconnect for Parallel System Construction)
 ANSI/IEEE 1361-2003  独立的光电系统中使用的铅酸蓄电池的选择、充电、试验和评定指南  (Guide for Selection, Charging, Test and Evaluation of Lead-Acid Batteries Used in Stand-Alone Photovoltaic (PV) Systems )
 ANSI/IEEE 1363a-2004  公开密钥密码标准规范.修改1:附加技术  
 ANSI/IEEE 1364-1995  基于可验证TM硬件说明书语言的硬件说明书语言标准  Standard Hardware Description Language Based on the VerilogTM Hardware Description Language
 ANSI/IEEE 1377-1997  通用工业终端设备工作台  Utility Industry End Device Tables
 ANSI/IEEE 1378-1997  高压直流(HVDC)变电站和相关传输系统的试运转导则  Guide for Commissioning High-Voltage Direct-Current (HVDC) Converter Stations and Associated Transmission Systems
 ANSI/IEEE 1386-2001  普通夹层卡系列:CMC  Common Mezzanine Card Family: CMC
 ANSI/IEEE 1386.1-2001  PCI夹层卡的物理层和环境层:PMC  Physical and Environmental Layers for PCI Mezzanine Cards: PMC
 ANSI/IEEE 1390-1995  电话交换网络用实用遥测装置系统结构标准  Standard for Utility Telemetry Service Architecture for Switched Telephone Network
 ANSI/IEEE 1394-1995  高性能串行总线  High Performance Serial Bus
 ANSI/IEEE 1394.1-2004  高效串行总线桥标准  
 ANSI/IEEE 1394.1-2004  高效串行总线桥标准  
 ANSI/IEEE 1394b-2002  高性能系列总线(高速提供)  (High Performance Serial Bus (High Speed Supplement) )
 ANSI/IEEE 141-1993  工厂的配电推荐规程(红皮书)  Recommended Practice for Electric Power Distribution for Industrial Plants (Red Book)
 ANSI/IEEE 1410-2004  电力架空配电线的避雷性能提高的指南  
 ANSI/IEEE 1413-1998  电子系统和设备可靠性预测和评价的标准方法学  Standard Methodology for Reliability Predictions and Assessment for Electronic Systems and Equipment
 ANSI/IEEE 1413.1-2002  基于IEEE 1413的可靠度预测的选择和使用指南  (Guide for Selecting and Using Reliability Predictions Based on IEEE 1413 )
 ANSI/IEEE 1416-2004  现有气体隔绝变电站中新气体隔绝设备接口的推荐规程  
 ANSI/IEEE 142-1991  工业和商业电力系统的接地  Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
 ANSI/IEEE 1420.1-2002  信息技术标准.软件的重新使用.重新使用程序库的交替使用性数据模型:基本交替使用性数据模型(BIDM)  (Standard for Information Technology - Software Reuse - Data Model for Reuse Library Interoperability: Basic Interoperability Data Model (BIDM) )
 ANSI/IEEE 1428-2004  发电站和工业设施用光缆的安装方法指南  
 ANSI/IEEE 1431-2004  科里奥利振动陀螺的规范格式指南和试验程序  
 ANSI/IEEE 1431-2004  科里奥利振动陀螺的规范格式指南和试验程序  
 ANSI/IEEE 1448-1996  信息技术.软件寿命周期过程  Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes
 ANSI/IEEE 1448a-1996  信息技术.软件寿命周期过程  Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes
 ANSI/IEEE 145-1993  天线术语的定义  Definitions of Terms for Antennas
 ANSI/IEEE 145-2004  天线术语的标准定义  
 ANSI/IEEE 1451.4-2004  传感器和致动器用智能转换器接口标准.混合式通信协议和转换器电子数据表单(TEDS)格式  
 ANSI/IEEE 1453-2004  交流电力系统的电压闪变测量和限值推荐规程  
 ANSI/IEEE 1455-1999  车辆/路边通信用信息交换设备标准  Standard for Message Sets for Vehicle/Roadside Communications
 ANSI/IEEE 1460-1996  准静态磁场和电场的测量导则  Guide for the Measurement of Quasi-Static Magnetic and Electric Fields
 ANSI/IEEE 147-1979  件术语的定义  Components, Definitions of Terms for
 ANSI/IEEE 1471-2000  软件集约体系结构描述的推荐规程  Recommended Practice for Architectural Description for Software-Intensive Systems
 ANSI/IEEE 1474.1-2004  基于通信的顺序控制(CBTC)性能和功能要求  
 ANSI/IEEE 1474.2-2003  基于通信的训练控制(CBTC)系统中用户接口要求用标准  (Standard for User Interface Requirements in Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) Systems )
 ANSI/IEEE 1478-2001  铁路运行车辆电子设备的环境条件  Environmental Conditions for Transit Rail Car Electronic Equipment
 ANSI/IEEE 1481-1999  延迟和电力计算系统标准  Standard for Delay and Power Calculation System
 ANSI/IEEE 1484.11.1-2004  学习技术标准.内容目标通信用数据模型  
 ANSI/IEEE 1484.12.1-2002  学习目标数据标准  (Standard for Learning Object Metadata )
 ANSI/IEEE 1484.12.3-2005  学习技术标准.学习对象数据用可扩展标记语言(XML)概要定义语言汇编  
 ANSI/IEEE 1489-1999  智能传输系统用数据词典标准  Standard for Data Dictionaries for Intelligent Transportation Systems
 ANSI/IEEE 149-2003  天线的标准试验程序  (Standard Test Procedures for Antennas )
 ANSI/IEEE 1496-1994  芯片和模件互连总线:S总线  Chip and Module Interconnect Bus: SBus
 ANSI/IEEE 1500-2005  嵌入式基于芯片的集成电路C/TT的标准可试性方法  
 ANSI/IEEE 1511-2004  额定电压为5kV至46 kV的系统上电力电缆、接头和终端故障的调查和分析指南  
 ANSI/IEEE 1512-2000  急救管理中心使用的通用事故管理信息组标准  Standard for Common Incident Management Message Sets for Use by Emergency Management Centers
 ANSI/IEEE 1512.1-2003  急救管理中心用交通事故管理消息集标准  (Standard for Traffic Incident Management Message Sets For Use By Emergency Management Centers )
 ANSI/IEEE 1512.2-2004  急救管理中心用公共安全事故管理信息集标准  
 ANSI/IEEE 1512.2-2004  急救管理中心用公共安全事故管理信息集标准  
 ANSI/IEEE 1512.3-2002  急救管理中心使用的危险材料事故管理信息集合  (Hazardous Material Incident Management Message Sets for Use By Emergency Management Centers )
 ANSI/IEEE 1513-2001  集中器光电接收器组和模数合格评定的推荐实施规程  Recommended Practice for Qualification of Concentrator Photovoltaic (PV) Receiver Sections and Modules
 ANSI/IEEE 1516.3-2003  高层体系结构(HLA)联邦开发和履行方法(FEDEP)的推荐实施规范  (Recommended Practice for High Level Architecture (HLA) Federation Development and Execution Process (FEDEP) )
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